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Services and Prices

Quantum Web Cafe offers a wide range of services, many of which have been bought in as a result of customer feedback over the years. If you'd like to comment or make a suggestion or our services, you can do so on our Facebook page, or you can contact us directly.

General PC and Internet Use
PCs are available, without the need to book in advance, all day. Our highest hourly rate works out to be £3.00 and you only pay for the time you actually use. So, if you're less than an hour, it'll be less than £3.00. For example, 30 minutes would be £1.50. There’s a minimum charge of £1.00 which buys you up to 20 mins. There are also a range of versatile discount schemes available that can reduce the price to as low as £1.66 an hour. Click here for details.

Remember, in our cafe you can use a PC as if it was your own without limitation, restriction or even annoying timer software. You can even charge your mobile at no extra cost while using our PCs! Click here for details about our fast and extensive internet access, what our PC's look like and what’s on them.

Gaming and Leisure Use
The same price structure applies to Gaming as above, and in some stores the games PCs are in their own games zone to allow you to make as much noise as you like! There are also a number of discount schemes available for regular, semi regular or long session users, click here for details.

Games and patches change all the time and it takes a real effort to keep on top of it. Click here for the latest list and gaming news. Gamers in particular usually benefit from liking the Facebook page as some deals are designed for this audience only.

Last update: April 2017 when there were approximately 100 games on each PC including FPS (First Person Shooters, such as Left for Dead 2), RTS (Real Time Strategy such as Age of Empires), MMORG (Massively Multilayer On-line Role playing Games, such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, WarThunder etc), and Racing genres. Oh, and Solitaire.

Business Use
Our machines are well maintained, reliable and secure meaning that even sensitive business information can be worked on, processed, printed out and saved without any risk of unwanted viewers or viruses. These days, this is a very common use in internet cafes, especially for people who work on the road or at home and want a change of scene. You can even use remote dialing software from the cafés, such as www.logmein.com, which allows you to access your home or work PC from one of ours, or perhaps just plug in your laptop. Price structure for all these service is the same as above and the discount schemes also apply.

Other Essential Services
A non-exhaustive list in alphabetical order:
(click on each item for more info)

£5.00 per burn

From cine, video and obsolete formats. Click for details

National: £1.00 page, £0.50 each additional page
International £1.50 page, £0.75 each additional page

Full range available which we will bring to your desk, click for details

£1.00 per page A4
£2.00 per page A3

click for details

Electronic and voucher, from £5
You may charge your mobile for free when using our PCs. Just plug in.

As low as 10p a page, click for details

A4 BLACK & WHITE - 20p a page for first 10 pages, then 10p a page
A4 COLOUR - 40p a page

£1.00 per page (bulk discounts available)

But wait, there's more ...!
We also stock essentials such as envelopes, folders etc.

And finally ...
We'll wait on you! Yes, really! Order from a wide range of normal or herbal teas, coffees, snacks and goodies and we'll bring it to your PC! You can also have a beer or spirit with mixer, or order from our wide range of baguettes, paninis, baked potatoes and toasties. Everything is made freshly on the premises to your specification.
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