Advertising in Quantum
We're all bombarded constantly with advertising messages all the time, so the importance we attach to those messages has declined over the years. Whilst we do carry out advertising contracts in Quantum for the large and captive audience that visit us everyday, we keep it very simple, focused and down a very small number. Always. This means you can be guaranteed of the best possible return in an otherwise crowded environment - the world in which we live.

We HAVE done national adverts for the likes of Twix, Genie and various mobile companies, but we like to do local ones since most of our customers are locals and these are often the most effective, especially if they are consumer based products or services with a good web site and clear call to action. If YOU have a local business of any size and feel a captive online audience such as our could be good for you then contact us here and we'll see what we can do.

Targeted advertising in internet cafes using current technology and directing the customer is different, funky and unique. It therefore attracts attention and stands out, especially when combined with our very limited advertising policy. Why not put us to the test and see if we can help with your marketing objectives? There's a number of packages available, but if you have a better idea, we can be flexible. The only limit is your creativity!

Get your message seen by over 3,500 local people a month!
With a high footfall location in Reading town centre, Quantum represents a unique media to deliver your sales message ...

Audience Summary
• over 3,500 visitors go through the doors each month and 80% of those come to use the computers 
• approximately 65% of all visitors are aged between 19 and 40 
• internet usage: approximately 50/50 male/female split 
• gaming usage: approximately 85/15 male/female split 
• approximately 80% of regular users are local residents (A, mostly BC1 profile, some C2) 
• Most popular logging on time: between 1pm and 5.30pm 
• average visit length (internet) 19 mins, (gaming) 1.5 hours 
• Top reasons for visits: Email, printing off travel documents, social networking, job/house hunting, dating, gaming
• approximately 85% of all visitors have internet access at home AND at work

21 PCs total, 16 upstairs, additional 5 in busy licensed cafe area downstairs

Your message .... GUARANTEED!
Quantum uses a software lock down system that's invisible to the user. Therefore any sales messages using the PCs are locked into place and cannot be changed by casual users. This piece of mind means your message is displayed at all times!

Advertising packages available in Quantum Web Cafe

Portal Page Ads
The portal page (this is the first page seen by visitors to Quantum when they sit at any PC, you can see the current one here) is ideal for any consumer orientated product or service that is local to that area. They can be any business of course, but the best responses tend to come from services such as estate agents, recruitment agencies, travel agents, landlords, hotels etc since these are all top search terms from within the cafes. Since the objective is to drive traffic, you will need a website, ideally with a clear and specific call to action, such as joining a mailing list or taking advantage, there and then, of any specific offer. These days, of course, tracking actual delivery to a website is very, very simple and you will be able to see in real time how successful your campaign has been. We can help you with this as part of the service if you're not sure how to do it. 

Portal page:
Currently available - one spot only for maximum impact
£100+VAT per month
Minimum contract period one month
Advertiser to provide image (landscape format works best)

Screen Saver Ads
• simple, cost effective medium using vacant PCs in the store as well as main TV screens on the ground floor
• screensavers activate after 6 minutes of non activity, seen by net users AND customers stopping for a coffee 
• guaranteed exclusivity - only one paid for message at any one time 
• advertiser to provide screensaver in suitable format (usually .png)
• Minimum contract period one month 
• £1.50+VAT per screen per week (approximately £31.50+VAT per week currently)

• popular and simple media within our stores 
• several physical locations within each store, each in glass frames 
• guaranteed exclusivity in your category, even if you only take one slot 
• advertiser must provide posters, A3 size (see above if you need help with this) 
• minimum contract period: one month 
• £20+VAT per poster per month

Other promotional ideas
Of course, this represents only a few of the areas that we have formalised and many of the most successful campaigns that we have run have been combinations of the above, supported by leaflets or other in store media. We have, for example, run several events over a period of time where staff have worn T-shirts supporting the messages, or given small prizes for web based activities. We are always open to discuss ideas and bespoke promotions, so please contact us for a chat to see how we can help!

More information and booking
All advertising inquiries are handled by Robert Davies who can be contacted by e-mail or directly on 07770 400 445 during normal working hours.