Business and Office Services at Quantum 
At first glance, our cafes are set up for the casual users, but look more closely and you will see that there are a host of business services available all day every day. This is especially useful if you're out and about and looking for a base for the day or a place to have meetings, provided with all the facilities you'd expect to find in an office environment. Over the years, interviews have been held, countless meetings attended (either with or without computer access) and even the representatives of local courts routinely use us for research, briefings or simple printing facilities.

Private Meeting Room and Workspace
On site there is a formal (and private) meeting space that's ideal for up to three people which is available seven days a week. Details, pictures, prices and how to book online are shown here. If you need a larger meeting area, there are tables spread throughout the cafe to meet for informal lunches or coffees. Between 2 and 4 is the ideal number, but tables can be placed together for meetings of up to 8 comfortably. We can even close off the rear downstairs area for an exclusive hire if you like, and those details are here.

Hot Desks/Private Working Areas
The tables in the cafe can (and often are) used for hot desking. We have provided powerpoints, powered USBs for device charging and wifi to make life that little bit easier and all of these services are free for customers. The private office can also be hired for single use, which is ideal for work that requires privacy and total peace and quiet, but still provides access to all the facilities you need. Details, pictures, prices and how to book online are shown here.

Standard Office Services
In an office you need ready access to equipment and facilities to achieve your objectives. Think about it for a minute - what tools do you have at your disposal? Printing (colour and black and white) on demand, Internet accesswired/wireless access on your own devices, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc), USB accessphotocopyingscanning, even laminating and a canteen! Not only that, but you can 'outsource' some of these services by asking our duty staff who will be happy to help.

We can provide you with a VAT receipt or, by arrangement, an invoice. We're happy to run a tab with you for the day if you like provided you supply a deposit of some nature. Just let us know.

Looking for a formal hire of facilities or space?
Well, we can do that do and have done on many, many occasions over the years. Click here for details. If you're looking to promote YOUR company services to other business users, click here.

What about a bit of fun?
How about an end of year (or even quarter) gaming session with your colleagues? With games at all levels, some even involving specific teamwork, everyone can get involved. For more information click here.

Any questions?
Don't be shy!  If there's something you believe we haven't thought of, or something in particular you'd like to do that isn't covered here, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.