How can I contact the owner of the cafe?

You can contact Robert Davies on 07770 400 445 or for any specific business enquiries such as reservations or purchases, or anything business related.  If you want to know about our general pricing, please look at the website, or contact the cafe directly. 


If there is an emergency, contact the above number 24/7.  Emergency being police, fire, paramedic, or you have left your luggage there, and we're closed earlier than expected.  I live in Blake's Wharf area and able to be at the cafe in 20-30 minutes if there is a genuine emergency.

How can I contact the cafe for a general enquiry? 

You can phone the cafe on 07543 205 765 or e-mail us at - this is a shared mailbox where the staff on duty will respond. So for general enquiries those 2 methods are perfect. Anything private, or sensitive must be sent to

What's the registered business address?

Quantum Web Cafe

7 Union Street