We love parties here at Quantum and we've run many hundreds over the last 20 years. We have some great packages for Children's Birthday Parties and Stag (or hen) Do's, but if you're looking for something in between, or a bit more bespoke, this page is exactly where you want to be.

You can hire our facilities for any event you like - birthdays, end of quarter corporate bun fights, or just because you fancy coming down with your mates and blowing each other up. Now, you can design your own LAN party, and once you've decided how many of you are going, you can do it easily by following the three simple steps below:

Step One - Exclusive or Non-Exclusive?

EXCLUSIVE BOOKINGS are the 'cream of the crop!' You'll have the first floor gamezone, complete with coffee area and TV, entirely to yourselves. That means we can crank up the speakers, you can bluetooth your own tunes into the soundbar, and you can use all available PCs and Xbox. You'll even have your own dedicated member of staff to help you with games and wait on you, bringing you meals, beers, coffees, whatever you fancy, right to your PC without you having to miss that vital headshot. Better still, you can play 18 rated games on the Xbox (normally prohibited by law in a public place) or even bring your own.

There's no lower limit to the number of people who can make use of an exclusive package since it is a fixed charge which is normally split between the players. 16 is the ideal maximum, so that all players have a PC seat, although one or two extras could be on the Xboxes if you like.

No matter what booking you choose, every attendee can plug in their phone to the chargers provided at every PC so you're set for the night without having to worry about running out of juice. We'll also take some photos (unless you tell us not to) and send them to your group organizer after your event, so you'll have memento with everyone in it! There's no extra charge for this, it's all part of the service!

NON-EXCLUSIVE BOOKINGS give you a guaranteed number of PCs next to each other in the gameszone and a dedicated staff member to wait on you and help with games, like the exclusive version. However, only headsets can be used, there's no access to the soundbar or Xbox, and members of the public will probably come and go using other computers throughout your session.

The minimum number of people who can make use of a non exclusive package is six. Whilst it's technically possible to have a 'non exclusive' booking right up to 16 people, you'll find you'll get much better value switching to an exclusive booking for 10 or more players.

Step Two - How Long Would You Like to play for?


Package A2        2 Hours       £165

Package A3        3 Hours       £225

Package A4        4 Hours       £280

Package A5        5 Hours       £325 

Package A6        6 Hours       £390

Package A7        All Day         £500 - Up to 10 hours. 



Package B2        2 Hours       £16.50  p/p

Package B3        3 Hours       £22.50 p/p

Package B4        4 Hours       £27.50 p/p

Package B5        5 Hours        £32       p/p


All non-exclusive packages need at least 6 people for it to be worth it for you, but select exclusive if there are 10 or more of you! 









Step Three - What food and drink would you like?

You can buy 'drink credits' and 'food credits' when you make your booking. Drink Credits can be used against any drink in the cafe including premium ones, from soft drinks to alcoholic drinks, and usually work out cheaper when you buy in advance. Double shots count as two credits. You can't buy additional credits once your booking begins so try and plan ahead for the day, but you CAN 'pay as you go' or run a central tab which is split evenly for additional drinks once your credits are used up.  But if you do a tab, please do so wisely as we want to avoid any embarrassing situations of "I didn't drink that, or I didn't drink that much"! 

Credits don't have to be used evenly of course, some may drink more than others, or you may want to use your credits for drinks for the birthday boy/girl, it's up to you. However, unused credits can't be refunded and all credits are for drinks consumed on the premises only and all credits remaining at the end of the session become void.

Drink Credits

10  Drink Credits        £25

20 Drink Credits        £45

30 Drink Credits        £62.50

40 Drink Credits        £80

50 Drink Credits        £90

Food Credits

5    Food Credits        £20

8    Food Credits        £30

10  Food Credits        £35

15   Food Credits       £47.50

20  Food Credits       £60 

Food credits work in the same way and can be redeemed against any main meal or snack. In both cases, the more credits you buy in advance, the cheaper each unit is.

Simply indicate how many food and drink credits you'd like when you book and these will be reserved for you.
You can choose not to buy credits in advance and pay as you go or run a central tab on the day. Click here for our menu and bar prices.

Please note: we DO NOT allow food and drink purchased from elsewhere on the premises at any time.

And that's it! Once you've made your choices, e-mail us with the following information and we'll get back to you, usually pretty quickly.

Your full name and contact details
Preferred date and time of booking (as much notice as possible please to guarantee your first choice).
How many are coming.
Which Package you'd like (A2,A4,B3 etc).
How many Drinks Credits you'd like, if any.
How many Food Credits you'd like, if any.

What do people say?
We love running these events, they're always so much fun and each one is different. Check out our latest TripAdvisor LAN gaming/Stag Event reviews for yourself, herehere and here.

Still not quite what you're looking for?

If you're looking for something more informal, or there's not enough of you to cost effectively book one of our package deals, you can still just turn up and play! It's worth calling us first though on 0118 9572937 and if there are no bookings running at the time you want to come in, we'll do our best to reserve some PCs for you subject to availability ... AND you can use any of the discount schemes, including the All Day Pass!

Don't forget we also have the Children's Party package and the Stag Party packages.