Q1) Can I get I discount???  

A1) The Answer is yes!  See our discount page for more information.

Q2) How do I contact the Cafe or the Owner?

A2) Click here for the contact details!  Please contact Robert directly if there is something sensitive you wish to discuss.  Please do not e-mail the cafe, as all staff have access to the cafe e-mail address.

Q3) Where can I find you?  What are your opening hours?
A4) We're open 7 Days a week!!!  M-F 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sunday 10am-6pm. You can find our address details here.  If there are any changes to our hours, please check our hours on Google as we always update them there first if there is a change.

Q4) I'm absolutely desperate to use your services outside of your normal opening hours.  Can you open early for me, or stay open later? 

A4) Yes, we can do that for you if you contact us in advance.  We charge £12 per 30 minutes for a staff member to stay later, or come earlier.  You would still be charged at normal rates for computer, printing, scanning usage, etc.  You would have to pay in advance for the service. 

Q5) Can I print from my phone or my personal device without using the computer? 
A5) The answer is yes and no.  You can't print directly to our printers from your personal devices, but you can e-mail it to us.  There is a £1.50 service fee (from) us to print it off, plus your printing costs. Our e-mail address is qwcafe@hotmail.com or you can Viber or WhatsApp us on: 07543 205765

Q6) Can I use my own Wi-Fi device for free on your Wi-Fi network? Or can I use your electric points to charge my device for free?
A6) Well, it depends on what your definition of free is!  We do ask that you purchase something to use our facilities. However, if you don't have a charger on you, and you want to use one of our computers to charge your phone, then normal PC usage applies. 

Q7) Can I bring my own refreshments in?  I bought a Tesco Meal Deal and I want to consume it while I use your computers!

A7) Due to us being a licensed premises, the answer is no.  We have to control all the food and drink consumed on the premises. 

Q8) Do you have toilets?  

A8) Yes, of course we do!!!  But they are only for paying customers only. They do have a code on the door, so speak to the bar/reception for the code. 

Q9) I have no idea how to use a computer, can you do it for me?

A9) The answer is yes and no.  We don't mind providing some minor assistance, such as which printer do I use, or where is my scan located, or if one of our computers is broken.  However, if you don't remember your password for your e-mail, there's not a lot we can do.  But if you do need extra assistance, we have 2 options for you.  We can provide dedicated assistance at £12 per 30 minutes, where a trained staff member will help you.  This is available 7 days a week between 12pm-3pm.  If you ask us in advance, someone can be there to help you earlier or later.  The library does offer free weekly 1-2-1 computer assistance.

Q10) What if your computer stops working on me?  Will you help me?

A10) Yes, of course!  If there is an error, or it crashes, we will be happy to provide assistance to get the computer working. 

Q11) Is my personal data safe?

A11) Yes, we have various methods of protecting your data.  As computer errors do happen, sometimes they print too many of the same documents.  If you don't want it, and it has your personal information on it, and you don't want it, we shred it straight away.  As for our computers, we have a script that runs around 6am in the morning, and deletes any information stored on the computers or network.  But it is ultimately up to you to ensure your data is deleted from the computer AND the recycle bin (important).   Ask a member of staff to help you delete if you're not sure. 

Q12) You have some good options on the LAN Party, but what if I don't want a LAN Party, I just want to have exclusive use your entire facilities? 

A12) Great question!  We can hire out our entire premises from £995 per day, inclusive of VAT, and for that price we're able to provide a buffet like lunch, free tea & coffee in the morning, free bottled water all day, and 50% off all cold and hot drinks during the rest of the day. Give Robert an e-mail or phone call to discuss! 

Q13) I've heard you have a quiet meeting room???

A13) Yes, it's true, we do have a small meeting room, it's not luxurious, but if you need to meet people in Reading Town Centre in a convenient location, that is quiet, has free Wi-Fi, then we're it!  Our meeting room has a table, a PC, and a white board.  We can also supply food and drink from our kitchen for you and your associates (not included in the price).  You can fit 3 people in the room, maybe 4 - but anything more than 3 is extremely impractical.  You can choose hourly, half day, or a day.

Q14) I've heard your store luggage as well?

A14)  Yes. That's absolutely correct!  We can store your luggage for £5 per person for 24 hours.  No need to make a reservation, just show up anytime to drop off and collect (during our business hours).  You pay when you drop your bag off.