First Person Shooter (FPS) Games
Ah yes, the FPS genre, considered by many to be the daddy of them all and never bettered. So called, because you see the action from the 'first person' perspective (ie YOURS), these games are typified by the muzzle of your weapon being visible on the screen pretty much all the time, giving the illusion of running behind it. These games can, in many cases, be played as a single player scenario against bots, but frankly we think a law should be passed forcing them to be played with your mates only. Shout and banter inducing fun recommended to all.

Here's what we have currently installed and ready to go on all the PCs. They're all configured and networked so when you're in simply double click and you're off!









Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games
These are some of our favourites - we love 'em. Some of these games can take entire days to complete when playing equally matched colleagues and yet they absorb you completely to make you think you've only been there a few minutes! 

These games have really stood the test of time with never bettered interfaces and timeless playability, and some are now so old they're almost impossible to get running on Windows 10, our current operating system. Luckily we're all a bit geeky around here and have them all set up and networked, ready to go at the (double) click of a button. You can even play Age of Empires II in high resolution!

(OK, so perhaps Portal and Hearthstone aren't strictly RTS style, but they don't fit anywhere else, so an executive decision was made!)




Retro Racing Games
These are real classics, and they can eat away at your day if you're not careful! "Oh," you think to yourself, "these are really old games that won't engage me, I'll just play for a few minutes our of nostalgia and curiosity.... " Be warned, this sort of thinking can get you in trouble!

Some of these games actually date back to the nineties (that's last century!) and some use networking protocols that don't even exist anymore! This had made getting them working on a modern LAN pretty tricky, but we've found a way of making it work.

Yes, the graphics are limited, yes, the networking interface is clumsy and old fashioned, but these, my friends, were the physics engines that the later games were based on and their simple playability is timeless and addictive! Thought your days of competitive Baja multiplay on Motorcross Madness 2 were over? Or 8 player 'cops n robbers' mode on Midtown Madness 2 would never happen again? Think again and enjoy!


Role Playing & Multiplayer Online Games
(also known as RPGs or MMORGs - Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Games)

These are the real time killers. They have no mercy at all with your life. They will take it and suck you in and you will love, love, love it. Ask me how I know. 

Never - I say again - NEVER - start an account with one of these games if you have the following conditions: a) you have an addictive personality trait and b) you love computer games. You have been warned!