Parties for Kids
Kids between the ages of around 5 to 11 also love being let loose on a computer - with an adult's supervision of course! But if your children are older, they may prefer to have a proper 'grown up' LAN party. For details on that option go here.

What's it all about?
This is a package put together especially for younger children. It follows the standard 2 hour time slot that is typical for children's events, usually birthdays, of this age and includes supervised playing on safe, appropriate games. Dedicated staff members are on hand for the entire period to provide support, suggest games to play and show how they're played, but at least one parent is also required to stay on site during the event. Party food, prepared on site by us is served in meal boxes towards the end of the event and included in the package price.This package has been extensively tested on our own kids! It works a treat ....

How does it work?
This is an exclusive hire event. That is, the entire first floor with 16 PCs and xBox (up to four players) is closed off to the public for your use. Since one PC is usually reserved for running servers and children often like to move around between xBox and PC, 15 is the maximum number we'd recommend. Simply turn up and let us help get the kids stuck in. You're free to help as well if you like!

The kids will happily play for 2 hours (more if they could!), but we will attempt to gently prise them away for any cake ceremony you would like to do (cake not supplied) close to the end of the session. They will be given a party box for lunch typically consisting of sandwiches, fruit/crudites, crisps and drink during their session and these can be consumed at the computer stations. Don't worry about the mess, we'll clear it up!

Don't forget that all attendees can plug in their phones/devices directly into the chargers at each PC station, as can any attending adults, We'll also take some photos (unless you tell us not to) and send them to your group organizer after your event, so you'll have memento with everyone in it! There's no extra charge for this, it's all part of the service!

What games will they play?
Kids these days are extremely proficient on computers from a very young age and they will happily play any games or take part in any activities that interests them. Boys tend to favour games such as Trackmania Nations, Project Gotham Racing, Portal, Fifa etc, while girls tend to favour Peggle, Club Penguin or CBeebies. However, these interests vary widely even over the span of just a few years and sometimes they will want to play together on a LAN, sometimes by themselves or alongside their friends. But it's all good and in truth there's something exciting about being allowed to do whatever you want for two hours! We will simply ask each child what they'd like to do and provide the options accordingly. Minecraft is incredibly popular of course, but it can only be played if the user has a live and paid PC account and this does to limit playability of this game as a result.

We will not allow the children to play inappropriate age restricted games. You are welcome to bring additional XBOX games, but please remember that they must also be appropriate for this audience.









How much does it cost?
This is a simple, fixed price package of £180, regardless of number of attendees up to 16. This includes:

  • 2 hour session at a time to suit you

  • Unlimited use of all the facilities - PCs and xBox

  • Dedicated staff member

  • Party lunchboxes for all children

Payment is not required until the day, although a deposit may be required on booking.

What about us parents?!
At least one parent of the host must remain on site at all times, but you are free to relax in the cafe area downstairs and have lunch, catch up on your device with our free wifi or just relax with a coffee and read a paper. Of course, you, and even some other colleagues, may also join in some of the games if there's space, but remember this is a party for your children so let them lead the way on that one! (you can always book your own parent's LAN - details here!) Remember, we're right in the town centre, so many parents choose to go shopping for two hours ...

What do people say?
It's so much fun running these events for kids and most of the time we get to see them experience their first real LAN event! Check out our latest TripAdvisor Children's party review for yourself here.

How do I enquire?
The best way to start is to send us an e-mail. Include the date you're after, the number of players, the time you're after, your contact details and any other information you think is relevant. We'll take it from there. It's as simple as that!