Frequently asked questions about connecting your device at the Cafe

These days we like to stay connected. I mean we REALLY like to stay connected. All the time! At Quantum we provide a completely free Wi-Fi service - there's not even any annoying registration or sign up screen asking for your leg measurement, your dog's date of birth!  There's free power charging too with either our purposely placed power points with USB points in the walls, or the universal charges on each PC for use when you're sitting at them.

You can connect any wireless enabled device and use it for as long as you like.  All we do ask is that you buy some refreshments from us.  You can't bring in your own refreshments though! 

Conditions of using our Wi-Fi
As long as you're a customer, you can use our Wi-Fi for as long as you want, whether it's a quick phone check or you're sitting on your laptop all day plugged into our power socket. All we do ask is that you buy some refreshments from us. Erm, that's about it for conditions actually.





Can I print from my device to your printer?
This question comes up a lot these days and the short answer is no, you can't. However, you can use our Wi-Fi to email it to yourself and then use one of our PCs as normal, or transfer via USB or even direct cable access from your phone if you have bought it with you. That part is, of course, a paid service and you'll need to sign in and pay as usual.

And for those of you who'd like to know why we don't print direct....
Direct printing was a service we trialled some time ago and it was, frankly, a disaster! Most of us aren't technical enough to locate and link to a printer and without our print preview system built into the PCs, and customers ended up printing the wrong thing in the wrong quantity, and that's assuming we could even work out who's prints they were as there were random IDs attached to the print jobs!  That doesn't even include the time of download the software to your wireless device to print!

It frustrated both our staff and customers, and actually took longer than simply printing from a PC which had been set up for that purpose. In short, trust us, this system is far QUICKER and works better for ALL concerned!