Owner & Manager


I'm Robert, I'm originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands. I've been living in Reading since April 2018.

What do I like about the cafe?  

I like interacting with the regulars, and having a laugh with them and the staff. 

How long has Robert owned Quantum?

I bought it in April 2018.

Assistant Manager


He's from Bulgaria originally, and has been living in the UK for less than 5 years.  George is married with 2 kids. 

What does George like about the cafe?

It's pretty easy going, and I enjoy talking to the regulars and the traders in the Alley. 

How long has George worked at Quantum?

George has been here since Feb 2017.

Internet Cafe Host


This lovely shorty is from Transylvania, Romania. She has been in Reading since November 2018.

What does Emilia like about Quantum?

There are so many different things the job entails.  Printing, eating, drinking! Lots of things at once, which makes the day go quick. I love the regulars. 

How long has Emilia worked at Quantum?

She has been here since January 2018.