Frequently asked questions about Photocopying

Photocopying is something we do all the time these days without giving it a second thought and machines to do it on seem to be everywhere. Yet sometimes we find ourselves desperately needing to copy something and nowhere apparently to do it! At Quantum we always have our main high speed multifunction unit available for colour and black and white copies and a second high speed unit for busy periods so waiting times should always be at a minimum.














How much does it cost?
To keep it simple, we keep our charging the same as our printing prices. However, we will carry any discount over from any work done in the same session, so if you first print 25 pages and then photocopy some more, these pages will be at the discounted rate. To clarify:

We charge 25p a page for A4 mono (black & white) copying.

For A4/A3 colour printing, we charge 40p an A4 and 80p A3 a page and, regrettably, this doesn't carry any volume discounts as standard.

However, for either type of copying, we routinely organise discounted prices for large jobs, so if you do have large print runs (eg 70 pages plus) please ask BEFORE copying begins to see what we can do for you. 

Is it a complicated machine to use?
Actually, it's US who will do the photocopying for you, so you won't have to spend a couple of quid getting used to a machine that you haven't used before. Your job is to brief us, and then relax while we do it for you. And if it's a big job, why not have a coffee and read the paper while we take care of it, or come back later. 


Can you copy both sides of my ID on one page?

Yes, if it's a standard credit card sized ID and probably 2 separate passport pages as well.

Can you photocopy anything?
Pretty much, but bear with us if you come in with a challenging item! Some long documents, such as certain types of marriage certificates, won't go on an A4 page and may need two copies and some documents may have strict copyright restrictions, although in practice this is rare. Please check before arriving at the cafes and ask if you're not sure.