Frequently asked questions about printing

What is it?
Printing is the process of turning electronic documents (ie those on your screen) into paper documents that you can take away with you. Once a tricky, time consuming and expensive process, this is now a simple and everyday task, and it's the same a Quantum Web Cafe. You can print anything you can bring up on the screen and we even have some software that can help you control exactly what it is you're sending. We have facilities for A4 and A3 size printing in either mono or colour using high quality printers.






Above Image: In olden days, printers were a bit bigger, and a tad more expensive at around $500,000 a pop. It seems it was also a legal requirement to advertise these products with a girl holding some paper. Probably.
We don't have any of these models though, sorry. 


How much does it cost?
We charge 25p a page for A4 mono (black & white) printing.

For colour, we charge 40p an A4 page and, regrettably, this doesn't carry any volume discounts.

However, for either type of printing, we routinely organize discounted prices for large jobs, so if you do have large print runs (eg 50 pages plus) please ask BEFORE printing to see what we can do for you.

Please note we charge for EVERY page printed, even blank ones, but we do provide you the tools you need to control exactly what is sent to the printer (see below). You can always ask us for help if you're stuck.

What paper do you use and can I use mine?
We use 80gsm paper which is the defacto standard for pretty much everything. You CAN use your own paper up to 160gsm but we ask you to work with us on this since these are networked machines and invariably involve a bit of staff time and effort to coordinate and manage. We don't charge any extra for this (just our normal rates), but we can't be held responsible for how the prints come out on your paper. We may also refuse certain paper types as they either may not work with the printers (eg using inkjet paper in a laser printer) or may damage the printer (e.g. too thick). This is entirely at our staff's discretion.

Can I print straight from the PC I'm using and can I control what I send?
Yes you can, on both counts. You will get a preview of EXACTLY how your document will come out of the printer and it is up to you to check it, remove pages you don't want, amend the quantity, select the colour or black and white printer and 'confirm'

Can I print from my USB device/disc/phone/camera ... you name it ...
Yes you can. You'll need to use a PC to print in all cases and plugging in your media or devices is usually very straightforward. However, if you're bringing your own hardware you need to check to see if you need a cable and software to do install it.

You can't, however, print direct from your phone over the wireless connection as we have turned this option off. This is alot messier, more time consuming and awkward than people think and when we trailed it some time ago, it was nothing short of a disaster!   However, you can e-mail or WhatsApp us your prints before or on arrival, and we can print them for you.


That service is provided from £1.50 + your printing and anything else you need from us. So if you needed us to print something from you via e-mail or WhatsApp the pricing would work like this:

£1.75 = Service fee + 1 B&W print (25p)

£2.00 = Service fee + 2 B&W print (50p)

£2.20 = Service fee + 3 B&W print (75p)

£3.00 = Service fee + 3 Colour print (£1.20)

£4.00 = Service fee + 3 Colour print + 1 scan (£2.20)


So the service fee is not per page, it's per time.  And the service free is from £1.50 - so the more work you make us do, the more it is.  Often, it will be more than £1.50.


Why do we charge a service fee?  We do the work for you, so you don't have to.  It's always cheaper if you do it yourself! 


Can you do all my printing for me?

If you need very basic assistance with the printing, such as help to find where the print button is, we're more than happy to help you with basic things like that.  Now, if you want us to sitdown with you and help you with all your printing, or fillout a form, or help you with your word processing, we can do that, but it's an additional fee.

For an additional £12 someone can sit with you for 30 minutes, and help you with your printing, or word processing.  We still charge for your computer time, printing, and anything else you need from us.  £12 is minimum charge.  Strictly speaking, you don't need to book in advance for this service, however it's best that you arrange this in advance to ensure someone can help you.  If you don't book in advance, we might not be able to help you.  We offer this service 7 days a week, however, we can only offer this service when there are 2 staff members on.  So, you're best coming between 12-2pm Monday-Saturday, or anytime Sunday.


Can I print leaflets?
Yes, sort of. For large print runs we're probably not your cheapest option and you may find you're better off going to a high street print shop. Our printers are designed for normal day to day document printing primarily. That said, we have software installed that allows you to print several images in a handout format on each page, meaning you can get up to 8 leaflets on a single A4 page. For small runs, such as a couple of hundred, this CAN work out to be very cost effective if you're prepared to put in a few minutes extra time and effort.

Can I print duplex?
Yes we can do that for you, but it requires us to come by and do a setting on your computer.  Please let us know before you start printing.  We charge for both sides, colour and black & white.