Frequently asked questions about scanning

What is it?
Scanning is the process of turning paper documents into electronic ones and with the right equipment it's quick and easy. At Quantum Web Cafe, we'll do the work for you at the counter while you're using a PC and your scans will appear on the PC you're using ready to do with as you will. You could attach them to your e-mail, save on a USB or mobile phone or simply use them whilst at the cafe.

We run a professional service, so that as standard we will crop, straighten and tidy your scans all as part of the price you pay and deliver them in either .jpg or .pdf format, universal standards that can be opened by pretty much any piece of software.




Why do it?
There are lots of reasons why you'd want to do this, but here's some of the most common:

  • print out a contract, sign it and send it back via email

  • scanning an old photograph to upload to Facebook or simply save to your own device

  • taking old documents and creating an electronic backup - eg birth/marriage/death certificate

  • making an electronic image of something you've drawn or created.

How much does it cost?
We charge £1 per side, so, for example if you have 2 pages, and you wanted both sides scanned, then your total bill would be £4.00. However, for large jobs we do tend to offer discounts at the discretion of the staff member you're dealing with, but a rule of thumb is that more than 10 scans will attract discounts. Just ask for a price before you get started. We'll also happily combine images at no extra charge, so if you have, for example three items that will fit on one A4 page, we can scan and save them as one image all for £1.


Can YOU put it on my USB drive, or e-mail it to me?

Yes, we can, there is a £1.50 service fee for this, plus your scanning, printing, computer fees, etc.  

What happens when my document is scanned?
A bit like a photocopier or fax, a light is used to reflect against the paper and 'digitize' the markings (ie text or images) that are on it. Then, instead of simply reproducing that image onto another piece of paper, like a photocopy, it's simply stored electronically in a format that will show up on a computer screen.

Can I edit my document once scanned?
We can do but we don't recommend it. OCR software (Optical Character Reader) DOES exist but it's clunky and inaccurate and doesn't really represent what you're scanning. Scans are effectively images and whilst they can be manipulated, this requires some skill on your part and sometimes some specialist software if you're making major changes. Your best bet is always to make all the changes you need BEFORE scanning the document.

However, if you really insist, we can make it an editable document, but it will not come out perfect, and you will have to format it, and correct and mistakes yourself, or we can do it for you, for an extra fee.