Xbox gaming at Quantum
We have to retire our old faithful Xbox 360 (although it's physically still in place as we welded it in! whoops!) These days we use an Xbox One and it tends to be used for short 'drop in' casual gaming sessions or part of any of the exclusive bookings as these always include Xbox gaming as part of the package.

Although we have the same legal considerations with Xbox games as we do on PCs (ie adult games must not be played in a public environment where a minor could view it) we are able to keep 18 rated games and control the distribution on the day. We charge the same for Xbox use as we do for all PC or Gaming use to keep it all straightforward and prices are shown here. You'll need to leave a deposit whilst using our discs and controllers at the counter.

We have a basic Xbox profile that allows access to the games, but you are welcome to log in with your own if you wish. You can also bring in your own games but please bear in mind the rules about 18 rated games in certain situations. The 43" super bright LED TV is set up with two controllers, a lovely comfy sofa, coffee table and two tub chairs for your viewing pleasure. There's usually no need to book, so just drop in and play!  But feel free to give us a call to check.